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Tips and Tricks for Selling on Goodideo

1.  A good picture can set you apart from the competition.

Things we suggest:

    1. Use natural light and no flash
    2. Show the item in use. Being worn, held or displayed.
    3. Shoot against a clean simple background.
    4. Use a common object for scale.
    5. Try to put at least 5 (if not more!) photos of your product so your buyers can see every aspect.

2. Description is key!

Buyers want to know about what they are buying so give a good description. Give details, fun facts, and if you don’t know what else to say buyers love hearing about the process or story behind the item!

3. Creating a shop profile.

Ever heard the saying, “Customers aren’t buying your product, they’re buying you.” This has never been more true! That’s why creating a strong profile is so important. Buyers want to know who they are buying from! When you have a detailed bio about yourself and your shop, along with a beautiful picture that portrays you or the shop, customers feel much more comfortable buying your items!

3. Fill up your shop.

Buyers like to look at your shop when deciding whether or not to buy a product, so if they see more than one product on your shop page you have a good chance of selling more than one item!

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