1.Durable & Stretchable.

2.For single use only, micro textured surface and smooth surface.

3.Powdered/powder free, 100% natural Malaysia rubber latex, specification meet international standard.

4. Ambidextrous, rolled cuff, easy to put on and take off, highest comfort.

5.Smooth-finish, anti-aging, waterproof, environmental protection, non-toxic and odorless, soft.

6.Not easy to pierce, durable, resisting acid, alkali, oil, dirt, high temperature and special chemical medium.

7.Adequate thickness, not affect on doctors hand sensitivity.

8. Provide a great deal of flexibility and scratchiness, snap-back to their original shape with ease, Long periods of time for wearing, for they cause minimal hand fatigue.

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Wholesale Latex Exam Glove at Cheap Price.

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  • Wholesale Latex Exam Glove at Cheap Price.

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