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  • Sonya cosmetics
Sonya cosmetics are discontinued.  Not available. 

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Sonya cosmetics

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  • Date added: 02/23/2013
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  • Sonya cosmetics


  • 02/23/2013
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Hi, I am a single mother, homemaker, entrepreneur, music and art lover. I am very enthusiast in sharing Health and Wellness and I found Forever Living Products has phenomenal products that I discovered some years ago that helped my quest in my health and beauty choices in daily  basis. These products are unique . I am using many of these products in daily basis including my family, and it makes a difference in our lives . So I decided to share to the world for you to discover how amazing these products are. Any inquiry please contact us through our website :  http://aloe4care.flp.com/home.jsf   

Thank you everyone.