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We’re a family owned and managed Australian company sharing stories of fun, magic and being gentle to the planet through our very special friends – the Kippins.

It took a dream (a real one and a figurative one), to launch Kippins in 2014. We wanted to create something bigger than ‘just a blankie’. Something with a story to tell – the KippinTales.

It’s bursting with imagination and magic, this group of friends who will share your most precious moments while making a minimal impact on the planet for future generations and improve the health and wellbeing of the little people who love them. 

We’re for the next generation of change-makers.

It’s safe to say that you guys love the Kippins. You love them so much that since our launch, tens of thousands of babies are now getting Kippiny around the globe. Kippins products are now available in more than 450 outlets in 30 countries, with distribution in Singapore & Malaysia, South Africa, the UAE, Taiwan, the Benelux, South Korea and Slovakia!

And the name? Where we live, ‘having a kip’, means having a sleep. So we called our little guys the Kip-pins. It’s very Kippiny.

Products that are better for earth and better for babe.

For More Details Our Website: https://kippins.co/

Call Us At 0438132760.

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Swaddle blankets - Kippins

  • Product Code:1549354808
  • Availability:In Stock
  • Date added: 02/05/2019
  • $39.00

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  • Swaddle blankets - Kippins


  • 02/05/2019

There's a simple way to get more sleep and it's called a Kippin Cuddle Blankie. A comforter isn't a replacement for love and cuddles, it's a friend that reminds babe you're never far away (and ya know, you're the kind of person that likes sleeping and showering and stuff), and teaches them to fall asleep on their own - happily! Non-toxic, natural, safe, breathable and nasties free.For More Details Our Website: https://kippins.co/

Call Us At 0438132760.