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  • Automotive Masking Tape - Large Tube Tape

There are 128 feet of Tube Tape in this 32-tube box.  Large Tube Tape easily fills door and hood gaps on trucks and older cars.

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Automotive Masking Tape - Large Tube Tape

  • Product Code:1569481108
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  • Date added: 09/26/2019
  • $59.00

Meet the Shop Owner

  • Automotive Masking Tape - Large Tube Tape

Tube Tape - Automotive Masking Solution

  • 09/26/2019

Tube Tape was invented for an art teacher, then tested and perfected in body shops like yours. When public school art teacher Denise Moore’s fingers started aching from making hundreds of masking-tape loops for hanging students’ artwork on the walls, her inventor husband Leo came up with a way to form the tape into tubes. One day, a friend who owned a car painting business saw Leo making the tape in his shop and exclaimed, “I’ve been looking everywhere for something like this. It would be great for masking cars!” In 2015, after years of experimentation with diameters, tapes (ending in the choice of 3M™ High Performance Green Masking Tape 401+), the foam core, and how to package very sticky tape without release paper, Tube Tape was born.


Body shop painters throughout the Richmond area tested it every step of the way, and their opinions and feedback helped us turn Tube Tape into a product that body shops like into one they need – one that they reported saves 15, 20, maybe even 30 minutes of masking time per car, with excellent paint finishes.