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    Price shown is to pick up a 40 ft size used container in good condition from our Denver depot.


    Price on the ad is subject to change.


    Get a quote today!


    We sell inspected wind and watertight containers


    If you are looking for NEW containers, we can get those for you too. Ask and we will fulfill.


    Available sizes:

20ft Standard (8ft Wide) x (8ft 6in Tall)

40ft Standard (8ft Wide) x (8ft 6in Tall)

40ft High Cube (8ft Wide) x (9ft 6in Tall)



18 months leak free warranty!

6 years frame/structure warranty!

Lifetime customer service support!






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40 ft Used containers in a good condition

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Meet the Shop Owner

  • 40 ft Used containers in a  good condition

Sold by USA containers

  • 15/10/2020

We sell new and used containers in good condition. So basically all our containers are considered Wind and Watertight ( type of used containers) which is suitable for storage. We also have one trippers (new containers)



 What sizes are available at our company:

1-  40 Standard (SD) Used WWT Container: Outside Dimensions: 40 Long x 8 Wide x 8’6” High      

2-   40’ High cube ( HC) Used WWT Container : Outside dimensions: 40’ long x 8’ Wide  x 9’6” High                                               

3- 20’ Standard (SD) Used WWT Container : Outside dimensions:  20 Long x 8 Wide x 8’6” High    4- 45 High Cube (HC) Used WWT Container : Outside Dimensions: 45 Long x 8 Wide x 9’6” High

Containers weight: 20’ containers are 4000 lb and 40’ containers are 8000 lb and 40’ hc container is 8800 lb

We deliver the containers within 7-10 business days from our nearest compound. 

The deliveries are made on flat bed trailers or tilt bed trailers